Textile millers facing a gas shortage, after hiking price

The textile mill owners urged the government to ensure an uninterrupted gas supply. The majority of the spinning, weaving, dyeing, and printing industries cannot run at full capacity now due to the shortage of gas in the industrial units in the areas like Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj, Savar, Ashulia, Manikganj, Narsingdi, and Chattogram.

Especially in the Narayanganj area, the largest textile factories in Bangladesh, NZ Textile, Mithela Textile, Fakir Fashion, ACS Textile, Fariha Group, SIM Group, and Sanjan Fabrics are facing a shortage of gas supply for their ongoing production for the last six days.

“From the last few days gas supply is totally less and pressure zero, so we are facing our ongoing production,” said Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Textile. If the govt does not supply uninterrupted gas and energy we are facing challenges to provide our worker’s salaries on behalf of Eid. After increasing gas prices, this gas crisis is increasing day by day. Textile millers communicate with Titas gas distribution Ltd but do not respond to this solution, added Mr. Mahbub.

In this crisis moment, we are self-sufficient in electricity but we have some locks in gas. To the buyers, the textile industry means those who make the fabric for their supplier. If we can ensure a smooth gas supply, we can be a tier 1 supplier. If Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives her concern for uninterrupted gas supply to the textile industry, then we will be able to stand tall in the textile sector in the world, said, Md. Azahar Khan, Chairman, Mithela Group and Director, BTMA.

“If we cannot supply raw materials timely to the garment factory owners, the factories will lose the buyers and work orders in the peak season, said Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director, NZ Tex Ltd and Director, BTMA.

Gas supply depends on areas and distance. Sometimes it’s good and most of the time very bad, due to shortage of gas supply it will hamper our ongoing production. Need a smooth gas pressure for the primary textile sector, said Monir Hossain, Managing Director, Fariha Group and Director BTMA.

Due to a shortage of gas supply as we woven textile manufacturer lost 70 percent in our production and increased production cost, said, ASM Raisul M Hasan Shoaib, Director, SIM Group. 

“By keeping the price of gas close to the offer made by trade bodies, has saved this industry from being a suicidal decision. By the grace of the creator and the special vision of the Honorable Prime Minister, we have overcome all obstacles that have already befallen our industry. At present, the price of gas has been fixed and we think it is at a tolerable level. We hope to be able to adapt to this price by reducing costs from other sectors saidMohammad Ali Khokon, President, BTMA. We hope that the government will ensure uninterrupted gas and energy in the upcoming budget for the Primary textile sector.