Textown Group retains their reliance on the most popular and compatible textile & Rmg software named Platform ERP by Logic Software Ltd.

Desk Report: I attempted ERP implementation in my company many years back, but after my attempt, I couldn’t, but now my second generation,( Rafia Anowar) is in the business. She will lead it and to help her with such an initiative, I took many references from my friends and well-wishers after having many presentations from many software providers.


I have received a satisfactory impression from them and so I went for detail. I have found the reason, why my industry friends recommended Platform ERP By Logic Software Limited to me as the best ERP solution for the Textile & RMG industry. – Mr Anowar Hossain Manik, Managing Director, Textown Group Limited On 10th April 2022, At this wonderful moment, Logic Software Limited sets another landmark by signing the Agreement with Textown Group Limited to automate their business and operational, process through 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢 𝙀𝙍𝙋. On this signing occasion Mr Anowar Hossain Manik – Managing Director, Textown Group and Mr K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited. Signed the Agreement on behalf of their organization in the presence of Ms Rafia Anowar- Director, Textown Group.

From the ancient age, Bengal has been renowned for crafting fine fabrics which became a part of our culture. This symbol of weaving fabrics took over as an inspiration for the local garments industry where it is standing today globally. With the inspiration of our tradition of weaving fabrics, Textown Limited commenced its business in the fashion world in 1991. TexTown is now one of the prominent activewear manufacturers globally with over 4000 skilled professionals and five business units. We produce over 1.5 million pieces of garments every month. We manufacture various types of knit garments like polo, trousers, jackets, yoga wear, leisure, and sportswear. With dynamic and responsive to industry trends,

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