The best scalable solution for POD fulfilment

Customer review: CEO Robert Hake-MYLocker LLC

MyLocker is a company based in  Detroit, U.S., that creates online stores for schools, leagues and teams. Everybody who would like to offer customised products without having the required inventory is a  potential customer for MyLocker. 

Customers can choose from a wide range of different products, including T-Shirts, sweatshirts, Triblends,  etc. – in different weights, colours and combinations of fabrics.  

MyLocker has more than 30 aeoons running 2 shifts/7 days a week. We have tested every commercial DTG  machine and aeoon is by far the most scalable solution for POD fulfilment. Their high-definition prints, their cost per/print, and up-time reliability are the best in the market. aeoon Technologies blows the competition clean out of water.  

produces the highest quality at the most competitive cost. We have a  very intuitive user interface that lets customers go and create exactly what they want. They can personalise, they can have their own text,  names, and numbers to their design and make it theirs. The software we  have picked up that consumer-generated design and it injects it  into our aeoon machine for very quick delivery.” 

In order to always guarantee the best quality for our customers, we need high-quality, industrial-level equipment. Aside from that, the machines have to be easy to use,  practical and sturdy. aeoon has been a great solution for us: Since switching over to aeoon, the quality of our prints has increased tremendously. Our prints stand out due to the designs’ brightness and excellent hand feel. Working on an aeoon machine is also incredibly easy and all parts of the machine are well-accessible. 

We started off with 20 Kyo printers and as our business continued to grow, aeoon’s print quality enabled us to win orders that we would have never received without it. Another advantage of aeoon machines is their versatility. We are getting double the amount of prints per operator, per machine, than we had before. Another great thing about aeoon’s printing systems is the external pretreatment process. We have doubled the production at half of the price because we prefer to have our printer doing exactly what it should do: Print. Not spending time pretreating. 

In addition to all the benefits that the machines bring to the table, we are also very pleased with the service and support we have received over the years. 

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