The Jute Revolution Stuns the World: A Mesmerizing Runway of Innovation and Style


A mesmerizing fashion show took center stage at the extraordinary event “Projecting Jute as the Fiber of the Future: Potentials and Challenges.”

The Fashion Show unveiled jute products that redefine innovation, creativity, and functionality. The runway became a mesmerizing display, captivating both local and global audiences. Attendees witnessed the transformation of jute into mind-blowing creations, showcasing its limitless potential. The fashion show not only projected jute as the fiber of the future but also celebrated its versatility in a manner that left a lasting impression on the world stage.

This prestigious event was a collaborative effort, jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh and the Ministry of Textiles and Jute. The Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) played a pivotal role as the implementing partner for the event.