I think diligence, honesty, and commitment to improve can lead to real success Shauma Arnab Das Stragey Consultant and Director (International Affairs), Tex World Associates Ltd.

Shauma Arnab Das Stragey Consultant and Director (International Affairs), Text World Associates Ltd.

Tex World Associates Ltd., has established itself as one of the most reliable and leading Indenting/Consulting house in Bangladesh. It has satisfactorily supplied Textile and other machineries to more than 50 Industrial Projects. The company has been representing 17 Internationally reputed Textile machinery manufacturing and Trading Companies having their Agency & Dealership. The companies are from INDIA, KOREA, TAIWAN, HONG KONG, FRANCE, SPAIN & JAPAN. Recently Team Textile Focus had a conversation with Shauma Arnab Das, Stragey Consultant and Director (International Affairs), Text World Associates Ltd. Key discussion points are bentioned below-

Textile Focus: How were you inspired to be in this trade?

Mr. Arnab: I have always been inspired by my father; I witnessed my father’s hard work from the inception days of our firm and the struggles he faced in order to stabilize the business. I do have foreign degrees and am a certified Management Consultant – was deeply tempted to reside abroad after completing MSc, but a singular motivation to grow my family business and fulfill my father’s dream, motivated me to be in this trade. This is a complicated line of work and our industry veterans will tell you the same. Their perseverance and dedication also inspire me to be in this sector.

Textile Focus: How do you evaluate second-generation entrance in this sector?

Mr. Arnab: I would say it’s a good sign that the second generation is coming and taking care of this trade. It’s not trendsetting but it’s obvious that the second generation will come. Because, when someone creates a platform and becomes successful, he/she wants that someone close and worthy must build on this platform. Somewhere deep within, every owner wants his son or daughter to be in the leader’s position. Right now, the second generation is highly proactive, they have foreign degrees, and they were born and brought up in such infrastructures where they can easily gather knowledge and ideas about how to be successful in this particular sector of work.

Textile Focus: What is the recent business scenario of Tex World Associates Ltd?

Mr. Arnab: Right now, we have 2 different entities- Tex World Associate Ltd. and Tex World Knitwear Ltd. In Tex World Associates Ltd., we do consultancy and indenting for textile machinery, mostly knitting machines where we also provide aftersales service support for our esteemed clientele. Tex World Knitwear Ltd. is a very well-maintained fabric manufacturing factory, where we have circular and flat knitting machines. In terms of business, our turnover is satisfactory and hence we are trying to achieve vertical integration by opening a 10-line sewing factory in Dhamrai.

Textile Focus: What kinds of challenges do you face in running the business?

Mr. Arnab: Our industry is a capital-intensive industry. Investors want to invest more, but presently the situation is not favorable as the pandemic effects are still looming large. As with almost every entity, we are also facing some downtrend in the business.  We can’t overcome this situation solely, we need support and collaboration from Government, financial institutions, various stakeholders, department of customs & excise, freight companies, etc.

Majorly we are an indenting & consultancy firm and in the last few years we have been witnessing customers who are interested in short-term investments with hefty rate of return. They are focused on low-priced machinery without much calculation and justification for product quality, machine lifetime and authentication, after-sales service facilities. The need of the hour, as an industry, is to make long-term investments, feasible commitments for sustainability, when the competition to dethrone Bangladesh as a lucrative market is so high.

Textile Focus: What is your future plan?

Mr. Arnab: To promote the brand ‘Bangladesh’ and its legacy to the world where we are still seen as an exploitable population. The culture of saying ‘Made in Bangladesh’ means cheap labour and substandard materials must be addressed and I, like everyone else, am trying hard to work on that.

Textile Focus: Any Message to the industry?

Mr. Arnab: We have to work hard – I think diligence, honesty, and commitment to improve can lead to real success. Team effort is essential here and like I always say – if we want to go fast we need to go alone but if we want to go far, we have to go together.