Timberland increased responsibly sourced cotton in its product supply chain


timberlandTimberland is making strides with its corporate social responsibility initiatives—including using more responsibly sourced cotton in its apparel and footwear products. Timberland increased responsibly sourced cotton in its product supply chain, with 79 per cent of cotton used in its apparel items being either BCI certified (42 per cent) or organic (30 per cent) or US-origin (seven per cent)—up 10 per cent since third quarter 2016.

Timberland is an outdoor retailer. It is currently working on minimizing carbon footprint of its leather apparel, accessories and footwear products. Also, Timberland is aiming to improve its leather products by facilitating environmental audits at tanneries. For Q3, most of the cotton sourced is for its internal global apparel manufacturing. Moving forward, Timberland wants to source responsible cotton from the following categories: organic cotton, US-origin cotton or Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)-certified cotton. By 2020, the company has set a goal that 100 per cent of the cotton used in its clothing will be from environmental sources.


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