Its the time working together for industry development

Desk Report :Bangladesh’s apparel industry, the lifeline of the economy with an 83% contribution to exports, has passed the gloomy year 2021. In its over 35 years of journey, the apparel sector suffered the worst crisis in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a devastating impact on the sector to drag the export earnings down. In 2022, apparel export is increasing and recovery.Now this istime working together for industry development.


Recently a discussion about present scenario of RMG sector due to post pandemic, trade war. Entrepreneurs,experts ,Buyers representatives from #GinaTricot,Otto,Bay City, #Hanes SIERRA,Thermax group, UnionGroup shared their about how can work together for RMG sector development.

The speakers said, No distrust we are transient hard-hitting situation from last one year. Covid 19, then uneven yarn market. But Bangladesh is a country where always peoples are strong-minded to come out from any predicament circumstances.

Throughout this dated, all our industrial units have taken superior preparation to confirm health and safety and stay in the invention. This is an optimistic step from owners and of course from our workers who are collaborating incessantly and care for Brands to succeeding Business plans.

Bangladesh needs to look at the impact of the export positioning in both the contexts — relative and absolute, later being more consequential. Bangladeshi RMG exporter need to focus on value added products.

Experts said, we need to transform from only cotton based products to more value added synthetic products like, sportswear and active-wear. He also outlines the policy supports provided by the government to sustain the RMG industry and identified some areas to immediately take care for the betterment of the backward linkage industry. We are getting a huge work orders at this moment due to different global business dynamics, however we need to capitalize the opportunity for vigorously. They  also emphasized the important of industry-academia linkage and research development activities in the industry as well as institutions to impart value based solutions.