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Top 11 Fashion Trends for Winter 2019


Beth Greene
Fashion is in constant change and the seasons bring all kinds of new and exciting changes to the world of fashion. Today, we are going to be reviewing some of the most important fashion trends for winter 2019 so people can get ready for the most popular designs and styles.

winter-2019-fashion-trendsGorgeous Modesty Dressing

This is going to be a huge look during the winter with the trademark being that the female body is covered almost entirely and leaving all to the imagination. A truly unique style that is ideal for the winter and we are going to be seeing a huge rise in modesty dressing for winter fashion trends 2019.

The Rebellious Cowgirl

Bring out the adventurous side with the cowboy boots and the always welcome neckerchiefs. The cowboy look is going to be a huge part of the winter with other accessories from different styles and collections. This is probably the most unexpected trend for the coming winter, but one that will be quite popular.

Outstanding Statement Headwear

There are going to be plenty of women wearing statement headwear to stay warm and look unique and elegant all at once. Headwear is really gaining momentum and becoming a huge part of many fashion statements.

Futuristic Glossy Look

This is also going to be a huge winter winner with plastic and vinyl becoming extremely popular choice to create full dresses and accessories. The glossy look can be very experimental and it will create great opportunities for fashion statements that stand out from the rest.

Powerful Animal Print

The animalistic side of fashion is now going to be quite a common sight to see. Expect a lot of leopard patterns and zebra patterns in many coats, shirts and dresses. This is a style that is present most of the time and seems timeless in the world of fashion.

The Mysterious Hoods

Hoods are seen as a very cold and mysterious part of any fashion statement. You can expect them to be quite a common sight during the winter with all kinds of color combinations and styles. Hoods have a very mystical element to them and this is very appealing.

The Warmth of Tweed

This is also going to be making a huge splash in the winter with a look that is both chic and unique. This is a truly outstanding style of fashion that stands out from the rest.

The Outstanding Fringing

Luxury fringing is going to be a huge hit this winter. Boots, skirts and many awesome combinations are expected to make it big during the fashion trends 2019 will bring. Many women are going to be making this a huge part of their fashion statement.

Intellectual Checks

Checks are going to be appearing in many designs for the coming winter season. This is a very welcoming style that provides a great contrast with the most serious and experimental designs that will be available during the winter.

The Always Wild Leather

Leather has always been a huge part of fashion statements regardless of the year or decade. It’ will make a strong comeback for winter 2019 without a doubt. Pants, jackets and dresses can always be expected. Leather goes with everything and it’s great to wear during this particular season.

No-Iron Tops & Shirts

No-iron tops and shirts are ideal for women who travel often, busy women who work long hours switching multiple jobs, working mothers who find little to no time as well as college tops.

These are completely non-fussy and also don’t shrink after a wash. You can wear these wrinkle-free tops for years together. No wonder these non-iron women shirts and tops are much in demand for winter 2019.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what kind of winter fashion you get to see in the coming years, the most important thing to consider is that those 11 trends are going to be extremely popular. We will see them combined, we will see them expanded and we will see them evolved into new and exciting looks for coming years and decades.

Winter 2019 is proving to be a very exciting and experimental season for those who have an eye for fashion. This is one of the main reasons why the fashion industry continues to be so entertaining and exciting for both the consumers and the designers involved.