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I have tremendous respect and adulations for pioneers of this great industry of ours- -Sheikh Mohammad Danial Managing Director, Finesse Apparels Limited


danialFinesse Apparels Limited, one of the woven garments manufacturing company in Bangladesh. It was established in 2016 at CEPZ. Sheikh Mohammad Danial, Managing Director of Finesse Apparels Limited. As a young entrepreneur, recently he shared his vision & recent scenario of RMG sector with Textile Focus.

Textile Focus: Why have you built your career in the RMG sector? What is the inspiration behind this?

Mohammad Danial: I have tremendous respect and adulations for pioneers of this great industry of ours. The RMG sector has elevated millions of people from poverty, and created opportunities for women, which would have been almost impossible without the advent of this industry in Bangladesh. This industry is a matter of national pride, sentiments and woven into the fabric of our identity now. My forefathers are from this industry and I am married into this industry. It is safe to say that the RMG industry is my family and so, I cannot but be a part of it.

Textile Focus: Some people says young generation is threat for RMG industry, how do you evaluate this?

Mohammad Danial: I do not agree with this analogy, as it does not seem to be ingrained with any universal truth about the progression of the industry. The young generation entrepreneurs and co-workers are bringing impetus, innovation, boldness, and a desire to venture out of the ‘comfort zone’. I rather believe that, if the young generation does not come into this industry, in positions of leadership, then we will witness a slow but steady decline in this industry. Young and new generation is the strength of this industry. However, if not nurtured through dynamic and efficient national policies, the industry might witness an exodus of the young generation from RMG sector, which if I may add will be catastrophic for the future of this trade.

Textile Focus: Could you please share the impact of COVID-19, how are you handling it now?

Mohammad Danial: The unprecedented fallouts from the pandemic Covid-19 ushered National lockdowns for most of the countries worldwide, especially the developed countries. Which are our primary markets; as a result, we had huge cancellations and postponement of orders in the pipelines. This relentless virus has spread indiscriminately that created an almost vacuum of demand for fashion globally. Initially it felt like an apocalyptic phase in time, however with the prospect of vaccines and people taking precautions seriously; markets have gradually opened up. For us, we have been through the cycle; now find ourselves optimistic about the future. However, the next 2 quarters will be crucial, as we see the consumer confidence index still lagging at 96. We are resilient and confident that we can ride this virus out and enter a period of extensive growth from the 3rd quarter onwards. We have learnt to cope with smaller POs; which going into the future of fashion industry, such dynamism to handle (high-quality and small quantity garments) the post Covid fashion world is absolutely necessary.

Textile Focus: What are the product ranges of Finesse Apparel? And what new ranges will come in near future?

Mohammad Danial: We are a Woven factory. We manufacture all kinds of woven products such as 5-pocket denims, Twill pants, Joggers, Jackets, Bermudas etc. However, we do have specialized lines to manufacture Dress/Formal pants. Formal pants require exquisite workmanship, dedicated workers and the art of pressing at every stage of the sewing operation. We are thrilled at our buyer’s appreciation of our workmanship. In conjunction with a brand, we are now developing plans to manufacture Suits and Dinner Jackets. This is an exciting phase for us to be developing the highly sought after Suit manufacturing.