Trousers from Bangladesh to EU market ranked top

trousers-from-bangladeshJanuary -April 2018, Bangladesh emerged as the top trousers supplier to the European Union.  The country exported 147.63 million kg of trousers during the period accounting for 35 per cent of overall trousers imported by EU. Overall, the Union imported 420.91 kg up 9.53 per cent) of trousers worth € 6492.46 million with a marginal rise of 0.17 per cent during the January-April period.

Bangladesh too upped its shipment values by 1.73 per cent to the EU. This marked an impressive growth of 17.84 per cent on the yearly note in volume-terms. The growth is even more significant, as China, which once was the top exporter of trousers to EU, has become a laggard and Bangladesh has been able to occupy its position.