True Blue launched by Sachin is to extend categories

true-blue-by-schanieThe brand True Blue was launched in 2016 by Arvind and Sachin Tendulkar. Now it may extend into accessories or women’s wear. True Blue is a lifestyle brand and does shirts, T-shirts, blazers, bundies, suits, denims, chinos, polos. Most of the silhouettes are western. Fabric details and the stories are Indian. Every season the brand takes inspiration from India—places, arts—and represents that in apparel.

True Blue, which blends Indian authentic cloth making and dyeing techniques into western wear, is currently sold through nearly 75 outlets including eight standalone stores in the country. Now, the plan is take True Blue, to global markets including the US and UK. The creative team travels extensively from Kashi to Kashmir and Rajasthan, spending days trying to absorb the energy to create the collection.

True Blue stands for authentic or original. Blue stands for India. Blue stands for Sachin Tendulkar. He has worn blue most of his life. So he was okay with the color as the name. The core of the brand is modern India. It wanted to depict India.