“We try to create a connection and bond with our customers psychologically in such a way that we provide something that is more than just a product.”

Blucheez is an online based Bangladeshi fashion house, founded by Dr. Engr. Md. Kamruzzaman and his daughter, Co-founder – Simeen Zaman. Keeping clients’ demands and unique designs in mind, the brand started its journey in December 2021. Recently, Team Textile Focus had a conversation with Simeen Zaman. The conversation is stated below

Photo: Grand Launching ceremony of Blucheez from left Dr. Engr. Md. Kamruzzaman, Founder, Blucheez; Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA; Simeen Zaman, Co-founder, Blucheez.

“We try to create a connection and bond with our customers psychologically in such a way that we provide something that is more than just a product.”  — Simeen Zaman, Co-Founder Blucheez

Textile Focus: What’s the Story Behind Creating Blucheez?

Simeen Zaman: During this pandemic, I started going to the office (Hohenstein) with my father Dr. Engr. Md. Kamruzzaman and I began to understand the textile sector from inside. As we know, Bangladesh is doing a fantastic job in RMG export. However, in the local fashion industry there seems to be a few shortcomings. To attempt to fill in those shortcomings, we founded Blucheez. Here at Blucheez, we bring a combination of eye-catching designs, high quality, appropriate fits & comfort, considering our country. We have decided to base our target customers as working people, university going students and those who are fashion-conscious. We believe in being comfortable in your own skin, hence our tagline is Comfortably You.

Textile Focus: Tell Us About the Product Range of Blucheez?

Simeen Zaman: At first, we thought of only specializing in Denim and it was at that moment that we came up with the name Blucheez – since the texture of actual blue cheese & denim is quite similar and the fact that both blue cheese and denims have to go through a series of a complex process. What we offer in our collection for both men and women is comprised of Ethnic & Western wear. For men we offer a wide range of Shirts, T-Shirts, Panjabi, Pajama, Sweaters, Hoodies, Jackets, Jeans & Casual Pants and for women we are offering Kurtis, Tops, Chinos, Jeans & Casual Pants in plethora of designs.


Textile Focus: What Makes Blucheez Apart from Other Online Fashion Brands?

Simeen Zaman: Blucheez is greatly driven with a burning passion for quality, artistic designs, comfort & price. In Blucheez, our fashion designers & graphic designers who design the clothes keep in mind the current local & global trends, techniques, seasons and so on. All of our fabric, after selection is then sent to Hohenstein Laboratories to get tested right to the last thread because we do not believe in making any compromises in our final product. Our fabric is run through three main tests – color fastness, fiber composition and shrinkage tests that are meticulously carried out. For quality assurance – so that the quality is met to our standards, a dedicated and well-equipped QC team from Hohenstein Laboratories devote their passion into making sure our final products are met at a 100% quality rate. We keep our website & social media platforms user friendly and simple where detailed information, pictures & videos of each product is fast and easy to grasp from any device at the comfort of your home, workplace or university. We do our best to concentrate on our prime focus – effortless fashion.

Even though we are an online brand, we are providing a rather premium form of packaging not just so that the product quality can be maintained during transportation but the fact that it is as presentable as a gift for any given occasion. We are providing free home delivery all over the country through Redx & Paper-Fly. To us, trust and transparency plays a huge role in Blucheez. Because of this, if there is any confusion about the fitting & size of our product/products, we offer a free exchange of those product/products within 7 days. We also have various festival-centric discount offers for our customers. Given that it has just been a mere one and a half month that we have opened, a lot of great things are still under process.

Textile Focus: What’s Your Future Plan About Blucheez?

Simeen Zaman: The ultimate plan is to become the first choice of a fashion brand in Bangladesh. We try to create a connection and bond with our customers psychologically in such a way that we provide something that is more than just a product. Our aim is that when you think about Blucheez, you think about a friend. As for our long-term plans, we intend to establish Blucheez as a global fashion brand.

Textile Focus: What’s Your message to the Industry?  

Simeen Zaman: The Bangladesh apparel industry has a very strong position in the global market. And we are second to China in terms of global export volume. What we are doing is that we are producing for most of the global brands and it is through those brands that we are catering to the international market. Having said that, a brand that is made in Bangladesh is still not there in the international market. Our initial goal at Blucheez is to make an establishment to cater to the local market and of course in the long run we plan to make our presence in the international market. This is the dream that we intend to achieve with our quality, trending designs and clothing comfort.