Two-day Textile Sourcing Meet’23 begins


Chief Guest, Honourable Executive President, Mohammad Hatem, at the Inauguration ceremony.

Textile Sourcing Meet’ 22 is a grand curated Networking cum Sourcing Show co-hosted by SOWTEX (B2B marketplace for fashion & textile, digitizing Sourcing of Materials, Stocks & Vendors connecting users to different regions across Borders).

This event, co-hosted by SOWTEX and esteemed organizations such as the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), the Bangladesh Garment Executives Association (BGEA), and the Confederation of Textile Industries (CITI), aims to revolutionize the fashion and textile industry by facilitating efficient material sourcing and fostering international growth.

Sonil Jain,Founder &CEO, Sowtex Network Pvt Ltd; Shovon Islam, Managing Director, Sparrow Group; Chairman, BGMEA Standing Committee on Press and Publicity. Mohammed Kamal Uddin, Managing Director, Torque Group; Chairman, BGMEA Standing Committee on Trade Fair; MD Kaful Uddin, Managing Director of One Composite. Emdad Ul Haque Miazi, General Secteray, BGEA were present at the expo.

The speakers said, Bangladesh, which exports garments worth $3.9 billion a month, targets $100 billion annual exports in the coming years and is looking for suppliers of yarn and fabric from India.

The Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has set a goal to take RMG export to $100 billion by 2030.

To achieve this goal, the RMG sector of Bangladesh needs reliable and quality raw materials supply from building up our own backward linkage as well as readily available materials from China and India,

The demand for man-made fiber-based garments is growing and India is a reliable source of man-made fiber-based fabrics and lots of specialty fashion fabrics.

The Event showcases more than 40 Top Textile Companies in Fabric, Trims & Yarn Categories from India with their product development capabilities along with their USPs based on Trends & Innovation to Fashion buyers & Manufacturers looking for Sourcing Quality, Sustainable & Innovative materials for international markets.
Speakers said, this show will connect Bangladeshi RMG exporters and Indian textile suppliers. This show will be concluded with a panel discussion & certificate handover ceremony.