Two industrial parks will open in Ethiopia

ethiopia-industia_-parkEthiopia is Africa’s second most populous country, with an average GDP growth rate of 11 per cent for the past 11 years and a stable government with an ambitious 2025 vision to become Africa’s leader in light manufacturing.

Two industrial parks will open in Ethiopia by the end of this month. The Adama and the Dire Dawa industrial parks specialize in textile, apparel and agro processing. Both parks are close to the port of Djibouti, so it is expected that they will contribute to the facilitation of foreign trade for the country.

The parks are expected to create a total of 50,000 jobs on going operational. Anchor companies are being invited to enter the parks. As the parks are fitted with the provision of one stop services, companies that enter the parks will get services within the compounds. The Hawassa industrial park in Ethiopia has attracted 18 leading global apparel and textile companies. It has the capacity to create employment opportunities for 60,000 people.