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UKRI introduced a new Initiative for more circularity in the textile sector


ukriThe Textiles Circularity Centre is launched on May 24, 2021, by UK Research & Innovation  (UKRI). The event is part of the UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research (NICER) Program, a four-day event that introduced the five National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centres and the Circular Economy Hub on May 24-27, 2021. The center’s goal is to convert post-consumer textiles, crop leftovers, and domestic trash into renewable textile materials that will help the UK’s industrial and creative industries develop. Its goal is to create alternative supply chains, textile production, design, and customer experiences while reducing the UK’s reliance on imported, environmentally and ethically damaging materials.

The NICER Program is the UKRI’s greatest circular economy (CE) investment to date. The £30 million investment will help to fund five national interdisciplinary circular economy research centers, one of which is the Textiles Circularity Centre.