Unclear payment put Nine Bangladeshi small- to medium-sized clothing plants in considerable difficulties


The German manufacturer Colosseum has declined to send some Bangladeshi garments manufacturer the price for having recovered from the coronavirus pandemic. Nine small- to medium-sized clothing plants are in considerable difficulties. Between December last year and February this year, the company bought T-Shirts, polo shirts and $15 lakh sweaters from Bangladeshi suppliers from their Hong Kong supplier. Any of these contractor firms are Kappa Fashion Wear, Base Fashion Wear, Dynastia Sweater, Anzir Apparels, Gramtech Knitting, Seo Wan Bangladesh and Disney Sweater Manufacturing.

These suppliers submitted a legal notice to Colosseum. The merchant is not yet able to pay and buys products under another name from Bangladesh, and claims a host of suppliers. Over the last five years, Kappa Fashions has supplied the company with T-shirts and polo shirts. The organization exports a total of $10 million in textile goods annually and 5% of the shipment goes to the Colosseum stores.

Md. Ehterab Hossain also sold t-shirts and polo shirts for a price of $5,66, the largest sum amongst the 9 vendors. After Tk 2 lakh was charged in demurrage at the last minute, a consignment involving 96,000 dollars was carried back from the port store in Chattogram. The Association issued allegations of Colosseum from its members from Mohammed Hatem, vice-president, BGMEA. KI Hossain, President of the Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association, added that many buying firms face a non-payment challenge. Brands and suppliers were told to retain their buying orders.