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Uniqlo Launches Re.Uniqlo Recycled Clothing Initiative


uniqloQuick Retailing Uniqlo has launched the first items that shoppers no longer need to collect their brand garments, In its Re Uniqlo campaign giving them new life and appeal. The first package from the project would be Recycled Down Jackets in Japan on 2 November. They use “rejuvenated down” taken since September of last year from 620,000 jackets collected in the region. They’re going to offer €7,990 in Japan (€64/£59/$76). In stores throughout 21 countries, including Japan, the company will also begin a new product range program from the end of this month.

As prt of the latest push in Japan, the digital coupon of 500 yen, which can be used to buy a limit of 5000 yen or more, will be given to consumers handling used Uniqlo Down products to storage cashiers. The vouchers are added to a mobile app, which offers membership registration for consumers in all brand stores in Japan and on The wireless coupons will be distributed between 25 September and 3 December. The coupons are available until February 28th and even after the coupon deal expires they may continue to accept products.