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US jeans imports from the world were down 3.05%


For the year to date through November US jeans imports from the world were down 3.05%. US jeans imports from China fell 24.35 per cent. China lost its top supplier spot to Mexico earlier this year, as the US-China trade war cut into its US-destined production. For the third straight month since the 15 per cent tariffs on denim jeans and associated products imported into the US from China took effect, shipments dropped significantly. Bangladesh’s denim exports to the US rose 1.5%. Vietnam’s shipments climbed 22.61 per cent. Nicaragua’s shipments increased 19.84%. Egypt’s denim exports to the US were up 15.37% and Cambodia’s shipments increased 7.7%. This is an expansion of the erosion of sourcing from China for the category, after a 21.97% year-to-date decline was posted in October. At the same time, a diverse array of suppliers, from Vietnam, Pakistan and Cambodia to Egypt, Jordan and Nicaragua, have consistently posted gains in the year through November. China’s decline as a source of denim apparel manufacturing expanded in November, as US companies look elsewhere to save costs and reduce risks. They are accelerating the efficient and effective diversification of their manufacturing base.