US to invest in Honduras Textile and Apparel Sector to boost supply chain security

A US congressional delegation applauded significant investments in Honduras’ textile and apparel industry, stating that Parkdale Mills, Elcatex, and SanMar’s country expansions will advance nearshoring and onshoring, improving supply chain security.

Congressman Lou Correa, the head of the subcommittee on oversight, management, and accountability of the House Homeland Security Committee, led the delegation as it toured textile and clothing factories in an industrial park in Choloma. Parkdale Mills, Elcatex, and SanMar are just a few of the businesses the group visited that have locations in Honduras and are all growing there.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently called on private enterprise to foster economic opportunities in the area to address the underlying causes of migration, and she emphasized these new investments in the industrial park.

In order to explore “this critically essential co-production chain,” the team is also meeting with other senior US and Honduran textile and apparel professionals.

According to the National Council of Textile Organization, the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Commerce Agreement (CAFTA-DR) has created a textile and apparel coproduction chain, resulting in US$12.6 billion in two-way trade and hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in the region (NCTO). It also says that this year alone will likely see investments in textile and apparel of about $1 billion.