US underwear imports climbed 7.52 percent to $2.01 billion in H1 ’21

us-underwearAccording to Apparel Resources, US underwear imports climbed 7.52 percent to $2.01 billion in H1 ’21 from $1.86 billion in H1 ’19. In comparison to H1’20, import values in the United States increased by 70.96%, demonstrating that the country’s underwear market is on the rise. In total US underwear imports, India’s participation increased by 9.26% to $176.70 million in revenue.

According to IBIS World, the lingerie market in the United States is expected to rise by over 4.4 percent by 2021, as changing lifestyles of US women consumers result in greater expenditure on fitness and related accessories, which has boosted industry growth. In H1’21, US imports of shapewear increased by 11.70% to $ 1.37 billion, compared to $1.23 billion in H1’19. The availability of a wide range of items, including control camisoles, corsets, body shapers, singlets, and body briefs, is expected to enhance the market growth in the United States even more in the coming months. In H1 ’21, India supplied $21.65 million in foundation garments to the United States, a dramatic drop of 47.87 percent from the $41.53 million it had shipped in H1 ’19.

In the first half of 2021, the US surpassed pre-COVID levels in kid’s clothing imports, which totalled $1.10 billion, up 4.89 percent from $1.05 billion in H1 ’19. The increase is linked to the growing popularity of back-to-school shopping in the United States; previously, the growth was ascribed to apparel purchased by parents for their children’s virtual classes.

In the first half of this year, nightwear imports totaled $870.07 million, up 38.50 percent over the previous year’s figure of $628.19 million. From H1’19 to H1’20, dressing gown imports climbed 7.30 percent to $284.93 million. In H1 ’21, India exported dressing gowns worth $ 3.37 million to the United States, down 10% from H1 ’19.