USA’ import of textiles and apparel from Bangladesh increased by 30.6% FY21 says OTEXA

Desk Report:  According to OTEXA, the USA’s import of textiles and apparel from Bangladesh during the mentioned period has increased by 30.68% compared to the same period of 2020, whereas their global import saw 25.43% growth.


The Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) of the U.S.A. recently published the monthly trade data of the United State of America for the period of January-November, 2021.

China being the top import market for USA and having a 24% share of the USA’s total apparel import, posted 27.29% growth during this period. During this period USA’s import from Vietnam has grown by 12.73%. Countries which have seen significant growth are – Pakistan 59.30%, Honduras 47.10%, India 35.47%, and Mexico 29.67%.