Uses of animal material is to be banned by brands


animal-materialAsos has published an updated animal welfare policy that outlaws the use of animal-derived materials. The list covers fur, including angora; anything from vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species; feather and down, bone, horn, shell (including mother of pearl), mohair, cashmere, and surprisingly, silk. The new guidelines will come into effect by January 2019.

Angora became a poster child for cruel fashion after PETA disseminated horrific footage of the rabbits being skinned alive in Chinese factories, prompting brands including H&M to halt production of angora products in 2013. In March 2018, H&M and Zara discontinued the use of Mohair after a PETA campaign revealed animal cruelty at facilities in South Africa.

Many more fashion fans are anti-fur than they are anti-leather. Stella McCartney leads the way for producing collections that are authentically in line with her ethics and values. As a vegan, she has outlawed leather completely from her supply chain and produces beautiful PVC-free alternatives.