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Uzbekistan to prioritize local cotton for their textiles industry


uzbekistan-cottonOver the marketing year (MY 2020-21), Uzbekistan expects to grow around 3.1 million cotton bales. A survey from the international textile MagazineTextilegence says its area of cotton cultivation is 980,000 hectares. Uzbekistan plans to promote cotton not as a commodity but as a world consumer product as part of its current marketing policy. It is projected that the domestic bales in 2020/21 would be 2.75 million. Raw cotton exports, on the other hand, are forecast to hold at 50 000 tonnes.

New collaborations are being encouraged by the government of Uzbekistan for local cotton use. New textiles and factories have been authorized. Continued expansion of existing garment factories. Government authorities plan in 2020-21, as a result of the rapid increase in domestic demand, to use all local cotton production in their own textile sector within the region.

It will also provide international companies with tax, customs and land benefits through clusters to facilitate investment and vertical integration in cleaning and textiles.