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“Vaccination for garments workers on priority basis will be a fantastic decision for our textile and apparel industry growth.” – Mr. Helal Mohammed Nuri, CEO, Sliver Line Group


SILVER LINE GROUP is the largest conglomerate in the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh. The quest for excellence in services and capacity expansions for meeting global needs and competitiveness is as fresh and dynamic as ever. Silver Line Group has a mission to achieve excellence in the production & delivery of high-quality Spinning, Textile, and Garment products with innovative value additions in each stage and remain globally competitive through the implementation of effective mechanisms of high operational efficiencies. Their main focus is on keeping valuable customers as their core partners and fulfill their every requirement. They want to grow together with all their customers by serving their needs effectively. Their focus also remains towards social & environmental commitments to have green project status. Starting the illustrious journey in 2015, Silver Line Group boasts 5  years of solid experience in the textile industry today. They have 4 subsidiaries (Yarn, Fabric, Apparel and Dyeing & Printing) with the most prominent one being SILVER COMPOSITE TEXTILES MILLS Ltd.


Recently, the dynamic leader, visionary person, and technically expert Mr. Helal Mohammed Nuri, CEO of Silver Line Group, talked with team Textile Focus. In his speech, he shared their success in earning more revenue despite the pandemic. He also showed some suggestions for our industry so that our industry can mitigate the pandemic hit in a smart way. For our readers, the conversation is drafted below.  

Textile Focus: what is your observation during the pandemic?

Helal Mohammed Nuri: Our pandemic observation was not fully negative. When the pandemic wave started to flow in our country, in march of 2020, we guessed that this could hit worldwide and we also have to face the consequence. According to our forecasting, we made some action plans to mitigate the crisis. We started to focus less on those buyers who are financially less strong, and the new parties who just entered the market. Rather we focused more on our old customers with whom we were doing business for the long term and who has a good reputation in the market. We communicate with our customers on a priority basis. We went through a shared term business policy. As the pandemic was hitting both of us, we shared our problems with each other. We closely monitored our customers & workers and controlled our production category wised. We first took information about store selling rate and then took the decision about production quantity.  That’s why no order was canceled from our company however we also faced some order delay.

“I urge to the Government for considering this little amount of 40 lakh (RMG worker) people to include the frontline category who are eligible for being vaccinated.”

We always were in line with the Govt. instruction about the Covid-19 situation. Basically, we kept our production running with full capacity by ensuring safety. During the pandemic, we achieved more export value compared to the previous year. It happened just because of the worker’s participation and perfect planning. As a being vertical setup, we had not to depend on others for basic raw material. We utilized our man for planning and machine for target output. That’s why we overcome the hit without any negative impact.

Textile Focus: Do you think the second wave will create darkness for our industry as many industry stakeholders are saying that?

Helal Mohammed Nuri: I don’t think that there will be created darkness for our industry. We have nothing to be disappointed about. There will always be ups and downs for every business. People will wear cloth till they are alive. So our business will also be alive. It may fluctuate but will never be demolished. In recent time our industry has developed so much. So, there is no way to be stopped our industry. But I will say, who has a strong backup plan will surely do good in business.

Textile Focus: What is your suggestion for our industry?

Helal Mohammed Nuri: Already Vaccination has started. We found our new hope to overcome this pandemic in a smart way. It’s our big achievement that being a country from the third world, we started our vaccination program very first. This vaccination program will create huge benefits for our industry.  Within the next 3-4 months, almost 3 crore people will be vaccinated. In our industry, nearly 40 lakh people are directly connected.  

These little amounts of 40 lakh people support more than 80% of our economy. If our garments workers are vaccinated, then the foreign buyers will start to visit our factory without fear. The more buyers visit the more we get orders. Finally, our wheel of the economy will start running smoothly.  I believe that if garments workers are vaccinated, then it will be a fantastic decision for our industry growth.