“Vietnam is the most appealing destination for garment sourcing”- Report by UN and WTO

vietnam-960x640According to a poll conducted by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations, Vietnam is the most appealing destination for garment sourcing (UN). Vietnam is also seen to be on par with China in terms of manufacturing quality. However, in terms of efficiency, innovation, lead time, and vertical integration, China continues to lead. Bangladesh, on the other hand, is ranked lower than Vietnam on 10 of the twelve criteria. Bangladesh was given a score of 2 for sustainability, compared to 3.5 for Vietnam, despite Bangladeshi manufacturers claiming that their country has the most “green factories” in the world.

In a review of garment sourcing locations conducted by the data analytics and consulting firm GlobalData, Vietnam comes out on top. Bangladesh, on the other hand, was rated 12th, and therefore did not even make the top 10. China was only placed fourth, but no other nation has China’s supply base, range of skills, quality standards, product diversity, or supply chain completeness—and no other country has the capability to absorb the amounts produced in China.