Vietnamese leisure and sportswear manufacturer, Son Ha Garment JSC, achieves an initial 10% efficiency improvement with Coats Digital’s GSDCost and is on target to further reduce manufacturing production times by 50%

The implementation of the internationally recognized Standard Minute Value benchmark, GSDCost, has also resulted in increased order visibility, enhanced productivity performance, improved on-time deliveries, and a fair wage is factored into all cost negotiations with customers

Coats Digital is delighted to announce that following the implementation of Coats Digital’s GSDCost, top Vietnamese leisure and sportswear manufacturer, Son Ha Garment Join Stock Company has realised a 10% improvement in its core style Standard-Minute-Values (SMV) and is on target to realise an efficiency improvement goal of over 50%, once the solution has been further embedded across the business.  The implementation has greatly reduced unnecessary staff hours that were wasted on demanding and burdensome manual tasks; improved on-time deliveries; significantly increased production efficiencies and ensured that a fair wage can be negotiated into accurate and transparent costing proposals.

Established in 1969, and located in Hanoi, Vietnam,  top sportswear and leisurewear manufacturer, Son Ha Garment Join Stock Company employs a 3,400-strong workforce and exports 60 percent of its jackets, trousers, sports apparel and T-Shirts to the United States, and 30 percent to the EU.   Its customers include Columbia Sportswear, Umbro, Walmart, Costco, Quicksilver, A&F, Kohl’s and Levi’s.

Prior to implementing Coats Digital’s cost optimisation solution, GSDCost, Son Ha suffered poor data visibility, lost purchase orders and complicated cost negotiations with customers due to the fact that its cost, sourcing and planning processes were manually created and stored across a variety of sources within different departments.