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Vietnam’s garment and footwear exports increased 18.5 percent in November compared to last year


vietnam-textile-industry-normalAccording to the General Statistics Office in Hanoi, Vietnam’s garment and footwear exports increased by 18.5 percent in November 2021 compared to the same month last year, the highest level since May following the end of the lockdown. Many factories that make shoes and apparel for worldwide companies like as Nike and Abercrombie & Fitch have closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, notably in the Southern industrial belt. Early in October, the limitations were eased. Plants have struggled to get migrant employees back to assembly lines after they returned to their home regions during the country’s worst epidemic.

The majority of employees are returning to work. Plants, on the other hand, are concerned that three-week statutory quarantines for vaccinated workers who test positive might harm orders in early 2022, now that much of their crew has returned. Many Christmas orders have yet to be delivered. Business organizations are now pushing for a shorter quarantine period. With an increasing number of new viral cases in the population, the pandemic is still challenging. The current industrial operation standards in Vietnam are rigorous and intricate, which may make it difficult for employees to return to work. Several variables conspire against a quick restoration of manufacturing activity. In many other regions of Asia, labor shortages are expected to remain, as are growing raw material costs and supply chain disruptions.