Virtual RMG & Textile Career Summit will be held on 16- 18 December

Textile Career summit-2022

Virtual Textile Career summit-2022 organised by Textile Xperts on 16-18 December 2022. This offers a great opportunity for textile engineering students who are interested in pursuing careers in this field.

Just like the textile education system is needed for textile professionals and students, also need to practice the textile corporate culture. And keeping these two things as the theme, this year’s organization is “Virtual Textile Career Summit”.

This summit will prove how far ahead we are in the race of making ourselves a corporate leader and how capable we are to match ourselves in the textile sector.

Training and sessions will be based on these topics:

Printing Technology in Garments- AOP and Placement.
Fabric Technology in the Textile industry – yarn to fabric.
Washing technology in Textile – Denim and Knit Garments wash.
Overview of Garments Merchandising.
Career opportunity as a Merchandiser
Importance of Networking and Marketing in the Textile Sector.
Job and career perspective in Textile Sector.
Higher Studies opportunity in textile Engineering.
Importance of Leadership Development in the Textile sector.
Supply Chain Management in the textile sector.
Effective LinkedIn & Facebook Profile is essential for career development
Campus to corporate Getting ready for career success.
Employability Skills for Fresh Graduates
The best corporate leaders of the country will take training and sessions.

What is included with this summit:

A nationwide network of all youth in textiles Opportunity to network and mentor young leaders of the Textile sector Textile Career Guidelines Opportunity to network with the country’s top textile corporate leaders Job Opportunities in the Textile Sector Long-term career grooming Professional certificates that you can add to your CV Registration Link: