Visual Knitwear Ltd signed ERP platform with Logic Software Ltd

Desk Report: Visual Knitwears Ltd. with the theme of ” a piece of design” is an up-curving integrated composite Garments Manufacturer industry located in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. Since 1991 Visual Knitwears Ltd. emphasise its effort to fulfill its customer’s needs at a satisfactory level with quality and competitive price. With the commitment to serve the global market Visual Knitwears Ltd. took many steps in its journey for nearly three eras.

By realising the necessity of business automation VKL stepped into implementing ERP to meet the upcoming challenges of Industry 4.0. To face such revolutionary challenges Mr. A.N. Faisal- Managing Director, Visual Knitwears Ltd. retains this reliance on Platform ERP by Logic Software Limited.

Platform ERP by Logic Software Limited is the most trusted name and the best brand of ERP for the Textile and RMG sector across the country. With the service excellence of 12 years Platform ERP has created an iconic contribution for the process automation with integrity in the major export sector of Bangladesh while by using platform ERP $7.5 Bn export transaction is ongoing from more than 200 strategic partnerships with top-notch RMG & Textile manufacturers nationwide.

With the visionary leadership of Mr. K.b. Mamoor, an immaculate team of Logic Software Limited consisting of 200+ dedicated experts in their own field, approached to face the challenges of the future not only in the RMG & Textile sector but also in many sectors of Bangladesh.

After considering all facts and success cases Mr. A.N. Faisal and Mr. K.B. Mamoor started their strategic partnerships and decided to implement Platform ERP in Visual Knitwears Ltd.

“LOGIC” management ensures steady customer service and aspires to ensure performance improvements of our clients. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution looming on the horizon, Logic intends to partake in this great leap for mankind. Logic aspires to work with our partners and ensure our dedication to working equally in maximizing the output of our esteemed clients and partners.