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Walmart’s eye on India as a potential sourcing hub


walmartWalmart, the world’s largest retailer, aims to quadruple its exports from India to $10 billion per year by 2027. Along with Flipkart, the company has been conducting extensive training sessions for MSMEs.

Walmart’s Vriddhi Supplier Development Program (Walmart Vriddhi) has taught over 2,500 MSMEs in modern business management frameworks, allowing them to modernize and participate in the digital retail revolution. By 2027, the e-commerce business wants to quadruple India’s exports to $10 billion. The program’s many phases provide MSMEs with advanced business tools and techniques, as well as one-on-one professional counseling, to help them unlock their entrepreneurial potential, modernize their businesses, and succeed.

Many more entrepreneurs are expected to graduate from the Vriddhi program in the coming months, according to Walmart and Flipkart. Both organizations intend to work with SMEs by providing online and physical market access in India and around the world. Walmart Vriddhi, which was launched in 2019, intends to empower 50,000 MSMEs in India over the course of five years.