Washing Engineers’ Association (WEAP) hosts 10th annual iftar and discussion

Desk Report: Washing Engineers’ Association of Primeasia University (WEAP)  hosts  annual ‘Iftar’ dinner friday evening to celebrate blessings of the holy month of Ramazan at Dhaka Boad Club in the capital.  Moire than 100 WEAP members who are working washing sector and contribute the country’s economy. It was positive response from their members & massive gathering after post pandemic situations.

Washing Engineers’ Association of Primeasia University (WEAP) is an active  platform for Primeasia University graduates established in 2014 and now it has more than 200 members. WEAP organized several reunions, get together, workshop, seminar, social work and discussion program etc.

WEAP President Subhankar Dwari Said “We must learn to live together as brothers as a guardian” Secretary Engr. Sumon Sarkar said  “We are each other’s harvest, we are each other’s business, we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

Organizing Secretary Engr. Niloy Kumar Ghosh Said “Unity is an important and valuable concept and its will reflect on WEAP Members.  Engr. Ruhul Amin Khan said “We all are familiar with how great things can be achieved when we work together or when we stand together”.

Engr. S M Sohel Rana, Managing Director of Denim Solution Ltd said, WEAP is an important platform of the Washing sector and these platform members are contributing to the country’s economy. I think this association will involve ATET /TET for the work of textile engineering career development and should work at a policy making level with the government. In future we will always be with WEAP and support their further activities,added Mr. Sohel.

According to the discussion meeting of WEAP , Executive member Mr.Bappy Rahman presented overall discussion are…

Firstly, greetings from WEAP and this is 10th iftar we are doing together. The occasion gives us a lot of pleasure and communication as well still, I can see the no of attendance is increased day by day which is showing how caring the institute to their people. And it also means the primeasians are doing great on their work area and networking as well.

You will find lots of successful engineers and professional from primeasia in washing sector. We did some great works when it comes to creating job opportunity and migration and updating the role.Now the question how we did this as we have always connected each other, and we also discuss about the problems and possible solutions. That’s how our skill and knowledge is developed, and we use them in practical work field as a solution maker.

This is very technical job and a technical skilled person only can do the best those roles and for that going forward We have a plan not only continue this we are also planning to arrange workshop, training and probably the denim and washing school in future. So that we can share our knowledge all over the world. This is the proposal we want to create a upskilled human recourse and which will be the future leader in denim washing for the next generation.

Thanks to the Media Partner, Sponsors and all Primeasians who are working very hard to keep thriving this institute and by their glorious work this sector is glorifying day by day. WEAP is the true reflection of brotherhood and truly believe it will get more and more success in future and definitely it will leave a footstep for future generations.

WEAP is the best platform for Primeasia’s Textile Department Students. They expected that this organization will lead in washing sector in Bangladesh. This event was sponsored by Denim Solution Ltd and Media partner was Denim Focus.