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We are highly committed to ethical business in order to sustain our planet perfectly

Eight ambassadors and 18 countries’ representatives visited LEED-certified Mithela Textile Industries in Bangladesh Speech by – Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Group.
Dear Honourable Parliament Member, your excellencies Ambassadors, President of BGMEA, distinguished delegates & My beloved Mithela members Assalamualaikum., We are very honoured that you have graced us with your presence, and visited our plant & the facilities of our organization. I hope that you enjoyed your time with us. We always focus our efforts on our prestigious buyers & are strongly committed to them.

Eight ambassadors and 18 countries representatives visited LEED certified Mithela Textile Industries
Mahbub khan himel Mithela

We have invested here in the textile industry to fulfil the demands of non-denim woven materials in readymade garments in Bangladesh. As you have seen we did not compromise about the floor environment as well as the Machineries.
We have chosen the world’s best equipment & people with the highest expertise to make our products better & more consistent. The money we have invested could have to been utilized to make at least two traditional dyeing factories but we didn’t go down that route, because it’s our commitment towards ethics for a positive contribution to our country.
We are always looking forward to investing in different segments, especially textile-related business and that would be a consistent investment for our nation.
We are highly committed to ethical business in order to sustain our globe perfectly and we believe that we will do it, In Sha Allah.

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