We are very much optimistic that the textile and apparel industries will come forward to install rooftop solar projects

Photo: Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid, Founder & Managing Director, Solar EPC Development Ltd

According to the Infrastructure Development Company Limited(IDCOL), Bangladesh has potential to generate over 4000 MW of electricity through rooftop solar plants   Amid a power supply crunch triggered by severe energy shortages and a fear that power tariffs may go further up in the coming days, industries in Bangladesh are increasingly turning to solar plants to meet a part of their electricity needs.

Solar EPC Development Ltd. (SEPC) is one of the foremost and fastest-growing solar power project developers and consultancy firms in Bangladesh. Recently, Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid, Founder & Managing Director, Solar EPC Development Ltd, shared the recent energy crisis, solar project benefits, and his company services with Textile Focus.

Textile Focus: Could you please share with us the recent scenario Textile and Apparel Industry in Bangladesh? 

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid: Throughout the last fiscal year and current fiscal, Bangladesh’s apparel export witnessed massive growth. The apparel buyers and retailers have little alternative to Bangladesh amidst the backdrop of the present global geo-political situation. 

Bangladesh’s readymade garment (RMG) export earnings have once again shown tremendous resilience growth in July-August of the current financial year (FY) FY2022-23. According to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data, in July-August of the current FY FY2022-23, Bangladesh’s RMG export earnings reached $7.11 billion – increasing by 26.1% compared to the same period of the previous year which was $5.64 billion in FY 2021-22.

Textile Focus:  As you are a solar power project developer and consultancy firm, how do you see the Bangladesh renewable energy market? 

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid: Bangladesh’s renewable energy market is driven by two segments: ground-mounted IPP solar Projects and rooftop solar projects. In a country of land scarcity, ground-mounted IPP solar projects have a lot of challenges, especially in land acquisition. Whereas, the rooftop solar market is more promising.


We are very much optimistic that the textile and apparel industries will come forward to install rooftop solar projects as they have bindings from their buyers. Also, rooftop solar is one of the major criteria for their LEED certification. The country has more than 4,000 RMG factories with vast rooftops well-suited for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Textile factories have around 420 lakh square feet of rooftop space that have the potential to generate at least 350 MW of electricity. Besides these, rooftops of other industries – including poultry, pharmaceuticals, paper, packaging, cold storage facilities, etc. could generate around 5000 MW of electricity from rooftop solar.

Textile Focus:  Due to the recent power crisis RMG makers are going to invest in Solar, do you think the textile & RMG sector has more potential to develop renewable energy markets especially Solar?  

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid: Adequate power supply with an affordable tariff is very much important and related to the production cost as well as the production timeline to meet the shipment deadline. Due to the power crisis, the textile and RMG sectors facing tremendous challenges to run the factories. The diesel generator is no more cost-effective as the diesel price becomes very high. Rooftop solar could be the ultimate game changer for the textile and RMG industries. Rooftop solar is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for industries. Apart from financial benefits, it has environmental attributes. 

Textile Focus: Could you please share your company services & and the special solution that you offer to the industry?  

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid:  Solar EPC Development Ltd. is a leading Solar IPP Project Developer, Turnkey EPC contractor, EPC Management and Solar Project consulting company in the Renewable Energy field of Bangladesh. We provide techno-economic feasibility, design, EPC, and commissioning for utility-scale projects, and industrial and commercial rooftop solar projects. We have a dedicated, experienced and accredited engineering, design, and installation team that enables us to deliver top-tier services for projects at every scale.

Textile Focus: How does your company support the textile industry for Rooftop solar projects?  

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid:  We have a separate wing for the industrial and rooftop solar projects. Our dedicated team conduct site survey, analyze clients’ electricity consumption pattern and load profile and then propose rooftop solar solution accordingly. Anyone can connect with us through our LinkedIn and Facebook pages and send their queries, our team will contact you immediately. We have two hotline numbers (09611677618, and 09611677619) to reach us.

Textile Focus; What are the challenges you are facing & what is your plan? 

Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid Due to the global geo-political situation, material prices, and shipment prices have gone high. US dollar rate against Taka is also very high and unstable which is a major challenge to keep the project cost within the budget. We want to be the number one industrial rooftop solar solution provider in Bangladesh. Accordingly, we have planned for our annual target as well as the next two years target.