We have to adapt to quick changes in the industry for future sustainability

S&D was established in 1998 and initially focused on manufacturing Sanitation and cleaning Products aimed at the Hospital and healthcare industry. Since then, the company has grown many folds and has diversified into a variety of new product areas catering to different industries including Manufacturing and Technical Sales Providers to the Textile Manufacturing Industry and Garment Wet Processing Industry as well as final and intermediate products for Personal Care, Home Care, Adhesives, Sealants, Surface Coatings, and Industrial Chemicals for the Rubber Industry and for Water Treatment.

In addition to manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, S&D operates with a global presence in over 9 ( India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Dubai, Egypt, Spain, Australia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Singapore) countries with production facilities spread over 3 continents, thus strongly placed in the textile chemical manufacturing field globally.

In Bangladesh, S&D has been operating its business through its local outfit, Redox Chemical Industries Ltd.  Since the inception of Redox, Mr. Dayantha De Silva, Chairman of S&D Group has been frequently visiting Bangladesh to meet with clients.

Recently, Team Textile Focus had a discussion with Mr. Dayantha De Silva on sustainability issues and the current business scenario of S&D in Bangladesh. Key points of the conversation are mentioned below for our valued readers.

Photo: Dayantha De Silva, Chairman, S&D Group

The present Business scenario of S&D:

In spite of the pandemic situation faced worldwide, we have had continuous growth for the last 3 years. S&D group has 5 different business divisions. Our growth is significant especially in the textile auxiliary segment. There was no drawback of business in the Textile industry during the epidemic as we are always concerned and looking ahead to the future. We focus strongly on compliance & new developments to enhance sustainability, productivity, quality, and services. I strongly believe that R&D is one of the most important areas in the chemical industry as continuous improvement is an absolute must in this field.

The main strength of S&D:

We are a technical solution provider – not just a chemical formulator or seller. We also manufacture intermediate products that make us a strong competitor in the market. We are able to maintain such a proven success due to our extensive research labs and manufacturing plants.

 We have a strong technical team who can address any issues or problems in fabric manufacturing as well as garments washing plants efficiently and effectively.

How are you maintaining sustainability for chemical processing?

Prioritizing sustainability is a fundamental ethos for our chemical manufacturing enterprise. In today’s industry landscape, this commitment has become a shared imperative. Meeting the evolving demands of our discerning clientele necessitates a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship. By upholding ecological sustainability, we inherently secure our economic viability.

Sustainability is not a momentary endeavor, but rather an enduring journey. This collective responsibility extends to vendors, retailers, consumers, and stakeholders across the board. The impending years will undoubtedly present formidable challenges in the form of escalating carbon footprints, ozone depletion, and global warming.

To ensure consumer safety, specific buyers have established a Restricted Substance List (RSL), which we dutifully adhere to. Simultaneously, our collaboration with bluesign stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to achieving zero hazardous discharge from our factories.

Any message to the industry?

The circular economy is a paradigm shift in how we approach resource consumption and waste generation. It emphasizes the need to design products, processes, and systems that aim to minimize resource input, waste production, and environmental impact. In the chemical business, the adoption of a circular economy model is not just a strategic choice; it’s an imperative for long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

We at S&D are proud to be leading through innovation in rethinking how products are designed, produced, and disposed of. Therefore, not only minimizes their environmental impact but also unlocks new opportunities for innovation, growth, and profitability.