We hope that this year becomes the sunrise for the entire country

The year of 2022 was the learning period for every Industry leader. Especially the young generation learnt a lot from the crisis. They implemented their thorough knowledge and played influential role for industry sustainability. S.M Nishat Bin Zia Rumman, Director (Marketing), Amazing Fashions Ltd is one of the young industry leader who also played such role. Recently he shared his experience about crisis situation and the survival theory for the industry.

Observation 2022 and Expectation 2023:

2022 has been a volatile year in terms of business, there has been power crisis, banking facilities have been squeezed down, Appreciation of dollar impacted taka limit negatively by around 20 percent

A new year means a new blank book of 365 days and how this year will be for us is based on how we write the chapters. However, if we look at it deeply during this shaky time in garments industry, it’s a very important part for us all to be together.

The garments industry needs to work together with banks and policy makers to get some breathing space and export without any hassle. Alignment of back-to-back limit should be properly balanced with dollar, so that export does not get affected.

All in all, I believe this is the time to be optimistic and not give up. Therefore, we hope that this year becomes the sunrise for the entire country. Happy New Year.

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