We support and offer high-quality alternatives for chemicals which are usually imported by the garment industries

German Bangla Chemicals was established in 2018. Saira Mansur, Vice Chairman of German Bangla Chemicals recently talked with Textile Focus regarding on recent scenario of the Textile Chemicals industry, GBC products range Key discussion points are mentioned below for our readers-

Textile Focus: Could you please share with us the recent scenario of the Textile chemical industry? 

Saira Mansur:  In recent times the chemical sector has grown exponentially. I am proud to state that we have even helped establish a legitimate chemical association with all the local textile chemical manufacturers. It is called Bangladesh Chemical and Dyes Manufacturer and Export Association. We welcome all local manufacturers as members.

Textile Focus: As a local textile Chemical manufacturer, how does German Bangla Chemical supports the Bangladeshi Textile Industry? 

Saira Manusr: We support and offer high-quality alternatives for chemicals which are usually imported by the garment industries. Due to this we can save our valuable foreign reserves and offer flexible and custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

Textile Focus; Could you please share with us the product ranges of German Bangla Chemicals? 

Saira Mansur: GBC’s current product range includes textile finishing agents for applications on knits and woven fabrics:

1) Cationic Softening Agent

2) Nonionic Softening agent

3) Silicone Microemulsion of both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic types

Textile Focus: What is the speciality of your products in price and quality? 

Saira Mansur; We specialize in formulating products to the buyer’s exact needs of finishing properties on the fabric. Since we manufacture locally, our prices are lower than import prices while strictly observing the quality. Another reason buyers prefer us is the quickest delivery of orders in terms of days compared to imports which take months.

Textile Focus: As a local manufacturer, what are the challenges you are facing? 

Saira Mansur: The chemical sector in Bangladesh faces key challenges such as inadequate infrastructure facilities, Economic Forces, continued Globalization, and Raw Material Prices & Availability. We currently try to establish our name and build a positive reputation in the market for a better future.

Textile Focus: What’s your future plan for the local market and export? 

Bangladesh is embarking on a high-growth path, and the country is establishing itself as an attractive destination for investment in the textile chemical industry. So we aren’t now concentrating on the export market because the local market is adequate.

To know more about us please visit: https://www.germanbangla.com.bd/