Wearable tech is increasingly claiming its place in fashion

wearable-techRecent years fashion trends are changing dramatically due to technological advancement. Fashion brands are key players in the smart watch or fitness strap market. This can be seen in smart fabrics, models wearing Google Glass on the runway, or models wearing the next generation of payment-enabled dresses on the catwalk.
Technology is getting faster and smaller, speaking to consumers seeking minimalist and seamless, but well-designed options. Technology and fashion brands are working together to end consumer confusion over whether devices are fashion accessories, tech hardware or fitness tools. For technology providers, the challenge is making processes as smooth and unobtrusive as possible to empower fashion brands to design wearables that first and foremost look like high-end accessories.

One of the first companies to enter this area was Sony with its smart watch strap, which is designed to make everyday activities easier to do by incorporating contactless payment, advanced fitness tracking and direct link-ups for phone notifications – all into a luxury timepiece design. More people are wearing smart clothing to the gym. The materials that make up smart fabrics can range from high-grade polymers for maximum comfort to threads equipped with tiny sensors that respond to stimuli and perform a specific function. The way technology is moving ahead more smart technologies are yet to come to move life faster!