We’re always keen to assure the loyalty of our quality services from development to after-sales


Dzins Myth Ltd strives for success and customer satisfaction by establishing a business relationship based on mutual trust, cooperation, and confidentiality, fully added by culture and ethical standards. The company combines drive skills and expertise in the chemical industry with flexibility in the business relationship. Engr. Niloy Kumer Ghosh is the Managing Director of Dzins Myth Ltd. He is a textile engineer with long, real-track professional experience in textile chemical marketing. Recently Textile Focus special correspondent Md. Rakibul Islam had a discussion with him regarding their starting and business plan

Current scenario of the Textile Sector in Bangladesh:

The year 2022 started with the hope of overcoming the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and rebuilding the industry. With many momentous changes that happened throughout the year, it was a year of challenges and turnaround, yet a significant moment to transition to the next phase of development; we have been facing a shortage of orders subject to the impact of worldwide inflation as well as the uncertain Russia-Ukraine war. In another unpromising sign for the country’s biggest foreign currency earner, the risks for the US and the European Union, the two most prominent export destinations for Bangladesh, falling into recession are growing.

“International clothing retailers and brands have cut the work orders by 20 percent for the September to November season compared to the March to June season,” as a reference of  Mr. Faruque Hassan, president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

The journey of Dzins Myth Ltd. & supports to the Industry:

During my service period in this industry from 2010-2022, it was quite visible that, as employees, we could not serve this industry with our latest ideas, ways of thinking, and innovations. Once I had taken responsibility and reshaped an MNC to the next level, my interest was adding functional products and proving their Excellence in this field. During the entire COVID period, it was hampered seriously and significantly. Subject to continuing my dream task, being a new entrepreneur, finally, DZINS MYTH has created the exclusive surrogate of SOFT CHEMICALS SRL, ITALY.

Our tagline is “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Myth.” We’re always keen to assure the loyalty of our quality services from development to after-sales. Rather than emphasizing selling the name “sustainability,” we believe in making it happen by saving dosages, and energy, skipping processes & run time.

The product range of DZINS MYTH LTD & specialty:

DZINS MYTH deals with sustainable auxiliaries, alternatives of basic chemicals, and functional chemicals from fiber to finish.  An ecological and innovative R&D center in Marnate, Italy, and a skilled technical team with their continuous development on sustainability and upgradation of certification offer our top company as different from others.

Challenges are facing:   

As new entrepreneurs, we face many challenges in today’s competitive textile market. Firstly, we’re meeting a severe obligation to open LC. Respectively, we’re in tight to maintain our supply chain. Secondly, the market is shrinking day by day due to insufficient orders. Finally, we’re in trouble with cash flow as a 9linkage.

DZINS MYTH LTD has taken the initiative to ensure its customer satisfaction is the supreme priority locally and indent even. We have targeted and designed our business module to sustain this industry, not to make growth overnight. DML is passionate and motivated to establish an ecological manufacturing plant in Bangladesh near future to avoid foreign dependency and contribute to the country’s economy & employment.