Within 2 years Bangladesh will achieve a significant business share in the global Apparel market


TAD group is one of the prominent groups leading the Bangladesh RMG industry. They started their journey in 2005. From the beginning, they have been focusing on diversification. They always try to satisfy their customer with one-stop service. TAD group started from sourcing and gradually moved to the production unit. To deliver products to their customer shortly, they came into freight forwarding and shipping line.

Recently Team Textile Focus talked with Md. Ashikur Rahman (Tuhin), is a Bangladeshi industrialist, the Founder and Managing Director of TAD Group. He is a Former Director of BGMEA. In this conversation, Mr. Ashikur Rahman shared the global Textile and RMG business and the future plan of the TAD group. For our readers, the key discussions are pointed out below-

Bangladesh RMG business Scenario: Bangladesh RMG sector passing a very good time right now. Even though the post covid scenario and ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have imposed some barriers to the business. Before the war, we were growing, and now we are facing some challenges. However, the sales in Europe are good, this is why we are still growing. As Brands and retailers are moving from China and searching for new sourcing destinations, Bangladesh is taking the lead. We are comparatively in a good position compared to Myanmar, Ethiopia, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. I believe, that within 2 years Bangladesh will gain significant business share in the global RMG market.

Future Plan:: Recently we opened a retail outlet and planning for opening 50 outlets across the country within 2025. In 2026, we have a plan for international expansion in USA, CANADA, and London. Our main agenda is to provide local customers, and world top category brands with a quality product. We are doing fusion with ethnic. We are maintaining the same standard as Europe. Now we are planning for Denim Fabric plant, so that Buyer can get kore flexible service with less lead time.    

Message to the industry: Bangladeshi RMG manufacturers are the fighters. We the manufacturers have developed this sector from zero to the current position. I would say, this RMG and Textile Industry is the National Industry and no longer a private industry. Please be with us. We will together take this industry a long way.