Working Rights Consortium (WRC) reported that Buyers encouraging providers to decrease their prices for the same commodity by 12% as in the previous year

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABuyers encourage providers to decrease their prices for the same commodity by 12 per cent as in the previous year, as reported in the Working Rights Consortium (WRC) and the Centre for Global Workers ‘ Rights (CGWR). Nearly 75 companies in 15 countries, 65% of vendors said customers called for price increases on new orders that would be larger than their normal year-over-year cutbacks. In turn, 56 percent of the manufacturers were obligated, and the rest intended to do so long term, to approve those orders below rate. The survey says that vendors must now wait for their billing on average 77 days after new orders are delivered. The overall wait time was 43 days, with just 34% of purchasers past 60 days.

Around the same time, more than half the order amount of most manufacturers now comes from the same period last year. 57 percent said it’s highly or somehow possible that they’ll have to close down as evaporated amounts, subsidized prices and payment conditions persist. Seventy-five percent of factories have now announced themselves to have to cut worker time by more than 25 percent due to established customer buying habits. In average 10 percent of their staff have been excluded from vendors, and 35 percent plan to be allowed to go until it changes.