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Workshop to Build Bangladeshi Apparel Brands and Sell Abroad

seminarBangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), a private initiative to promote Bangladesh apparel industry, is going to the organise a workshop on how to develop an apparel brand.

The day-long workshop titled “How to Build Your Own Apparel Brand and directly address to European & US Consumers” will be held on July 29 at Gardenia in Dhaka.

The objectives of the workshop is to disseminate the knowledge on how to develop the next growth strategy of the country’s apparel sector by designing locally owned international brand and selling directly to Western consumers. By participating the workshop, an entrepreneur will be able to gain insight knowledge on how the global renowned brands are conceptualized and designed. It will help to create own brand as well as to take the opportunity of e-commerce in selling directly to consumers.

Bangladesh, the second largest exporter of clothing products, produces apparel items for global retailers such as Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Gap and many more, Mostafiz Uddin, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BAE. But the Bangladeshi manufacturers which make clothes for the world’s famous brands yet to establish any global brand originated from Bangladesh, said Mostafiz.

Considering all these aspects, the BAE has taken the initiative to shares experience and advice for building a brand from purpose to product for entrepreneurs, fashion aspirants, and everyone with a dream to build their own brad, said Mustafiz.

As per the industry insiders and experts, by creating brands Bangladesh can increase profit margin the margins by utilizing the strength and intelligence of the local business, which would impact on the country’s economy in a greater content. The workshop will help you start your next growth strategy by providing insight on designing own brand and selling it directly to western wholesalers and end consumers.

In just concluded fiscal year, Export earnings from the clothing industry have seen only a 0.20% rise to $28.15 billion, the lowest in the last one and a half decades. While, the overall Bangladesh’s export earnings also stood at $34.83 billion, which is 1.68% higher than the $34.25 billion a year ago. At this situation, Bangladesh should focus on higher end products to come out from the sluggish export growth, said Mostafiz, also Managing Direcor of Denim Expert Limited.




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