Workshop on Sustainable Design and Innovation at Daffodil International University

Desk Report: Sustainable Design and Innovation Award is a part of the Made in Bangladesh Week organized by BGMEA in partnership with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE). Recently Made in Bangladesh week arranged Workshop on sustainable design and innovation at Daffodil International University campus in Dhaka.

According to the organizers, Youth, if empowered, can be key agents for driving development with their creative minds. We have seen such enthusiasm and spirit among the young talented students of Daffodil International University who are super excited to unleash their talent to accelerate sustainability in the RMG industry of Bangladesh.

Thanks to all the Daffodil International University students for their wholehearted and spontaneous participation at the workshop organized by BGMEA in partnership with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) as part of the Sustainable Design and Innovation Award.

Sustainable Design and Innovation Award is going to be held on 16th Nov 2022. The “Made in Bangladesh Week” will be held concurrently in Dhaka on 12-18 November.

Sustainable Design and Innovation Award has been launched to promote sustainable design and innovation in the country’s RMG industry. Fresh graduates and senior students from fashion design institutes of major public and private universities and industry professionals are invited to participate in the open competition.

Students can be a winner of the Sustainable Design & Innovation Award if their product or process pledges innovation and elaboration, functionality, aesthetics, and responsibility. Besides the certificate of excellence, winners also get to attract the eyes of design enthusiasts and audiences globally, consequently leading to increased opportunities and unparalleled exposure.

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