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World’s first Bulk production direct to garment (DTG) printer launched by Brother


111111111The Brother GTX600 is the world’s first mass-production direct to garment (DTG) printer. The printer can handle both high-quality design reproduction and industrial-level manufacturing. The GTX600 incorporates ink recirculation in four crucial places to keep the ink in a print-ready state. For continuous printing, there are 16 ink channels jetting from staggered, industrial print heads with inbuilt cooling fans. In addition, the ink is filtered and degassed on a regular basis to provide the greatest possible print quality up to 1200dpi. Even in harsh settings and large production halls, the machine’s built-in humidifier guarantees that it always has ideal operating conditions. The GTX600 may be used with a variety of platens for unlimited creative possibilities. Brother is a Japanese firm that makes industrial sewing machines, printers, and multi-function center machines. The platens may be swiftly changed to save time, and their height is automatically changeable, making them adaptable to any material that can be printed on. To enable continuous and quick print operations, the printing speed has been enhanced, and the industrial maintenance station has been improved. The auto cleaning frequency is substantially lower than in previous printers, resulting in a significant boost in real print productivity.