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Worldwide trade of synthetic staple fibers expected to grow 63.65%


The worldwide trade of synthetic staple fibers, not carded, combed or processes other than aramid spinning, is expected to grow by $1,843.30 million in 2022 at a rate of 63.65% compared to 2019, based on Fibre2Fashion’s TexPro Market Analysis Tool.

Worldwide exports of Aramid synthetic staple fibers amounted to 391.19 million dollars in 2017, which rose 31.5% to 514.67 million dollars in 2019. In 2019, the overall export rate decreased by 9,64% compared to the previous year, with a rate of 50,91% from 2019 forecast to hit $776,67 million in 2022.

The value for the global import of Aramids’ synthetic staple fibres, which increased by 44.87 percent to $611.71 million in 2019, was $422.25 million in 2017. Out of the previous year, total imports dropped 3,73% in 2019 and are forecast to grow by 2022 to $1,066,63 million with a rate of 74,37% in 2019.

Belgium, America, Germany and China, along with 55.88 percent of overall exports, were the largest exporters of synthetic Aramid staple fibers around the world in 2019. Slovakia, Turkey and Italy were accompanied by them.