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Yarn manufacturing company FULGAR to produce new Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC off yarn in association with the RHODIA-SOLVAY group


690x500_verdeFULGAR, European distributor and producer of AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF technology collaborated with the RHODIA-SOLVAY group for the arrival of the new Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC off yarn with antiviral and antibacterial.  Amid the lingering threat posed by Covid, the return to offices and schools has created an exponentially risisng demand for garments given anti-bacterial and antiviral protection treatments. This demand among consumers and workers has led many manufacturing companies in Italy and the rest of Europe to prioritise such products.

This is the background to the arrival in Europe of the new Rhodia-Solvay yarn. The Brazilian group has chosen the know-how and expertise provided by Fulgar, a centre of Made in Italy excellence in the development and manufacture of innovative man-made yarn, for the production and European distribution of AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF technology, the new antiviral and anti-microbial polyamide yarn introduced in Europe by Fulgar under the name of Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF.

Developed in record time by the Rhodia-Solvay research laboratories in Paulínia and Santo André, Brazil, this extraordinary polyamide yarn acts against bacterial growth and virus transmission. These properties are the result of antiviral and anti-bacterial agent permanently incorporated into the polymer matrix. Electrical affinity with the proteins present in the external structure of the virus enables this agent to prevent the fabric from becoming a host surface enabling the spread of the harmful viruses and bacteria and reducing the risk and speed of contamination. The yarn’s antiviral properties have been tested by an independent laboratory in line with the international textile protocols set out by ISO 18184 standards regarding the determination of the anitiviral activity of textiles.

In the Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF polyamide the antiviral properties combine with the anti-bacterial properties – certified according to international AATCC100 textile standards – to provide a permanent effect.

The antiviral and anti-bacterial properties of the Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF polyamide are permanent and uniform, providing benefits for garments that, in contrast to post treatments, remain unaffected even after frequent washes. It provides the same benefits as standard polyamides in terms of softness, thermal comfort, breathability, ease of maintenance and rapid drying.

All the advantages:

  • THE TECHNOLOGY INHIBITS the enveloped viruses (influenza, herpes and the new Coronavirus) and without the envelope, helping to avoid the retransmission of viruses from textile surfaces
  • BLOCKS THE CROSS CONTAMINATION of viruses and bacteria on textile surfaces, thanks to the antibacterial agent present in the polymer matrix
  • INHIBITS BACTERIA, ensuring greater protection
  • NO chemical migration from the fabric to the skin and the environment
  • INCREASES the useful life of fabrics and garments


Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF is soft and breathable. Its special technology copes efficiently with body moisture, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and making its wearer remarkably comfortable. *UNI EN ISO 62


The antiviral and antibacterial activities of Q-SKIN® powered by AMNI® VIRUS-BAC OFF polyamide are permanent, even after unlimited washing cycles, keeping the fuctionality and offering long life to textile articles.