The Yarn that never fatigues

03CM800 brings innovation and creativity to reality

Haining Xin GaoFibres, China part of CHA Technologies is the manufacturers of specialty bi-component stretch filament yarns i.e. CM800.Xin GaoFibres is the specialty filament producer from the group. Founded as a state of the art melt-spun spandex manufacturer, Xin GaoFibres has grown its operation with the addition of technically demanding filament yarn production including bicomponent and varied polymer profiles.

remexCM800 Filaments are extruded from two polymers with a differential viscosity. When heat is applied to the yarn, result is a spring like structure. This can be weaved into fabric, producing good stretch and recovery properties as well, heat, chlorine and aging resistant.

A competitive advantage of their production process is the ability to produce dope dye, where color is introduced at extrusion stage, making it inherent to the filament yarn. From this process they are able to produce a wide variety of colors for apparel industry. Further Xin Gao is the only manufacturer in the world producing these type of filaments in fine deniers i.e. 30denier and 40denier.

01CM800 is available in a wide range of deniers starting from 30denier going up to 600denier targeting applications in Denim, Bottom Weights, Shirting and Knits. It is being widely used by many big brands.

The biggest strength of CM800 is a very high quality product with consistent parameters & performance.

02Customers using CM800 can also order swing tickets for the garments communicating the advantages of the product to the end customer.