YKK introduced new recycled Zipper

natulonNatulon® recycled zippers constructed with Econyl® regenerated nylon have been introduced by YKK. Econyl® nylon is generated exclusively from nylon waste gathered all around the globe, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps, old carpets, and aquaculture fishing nets, and is developed by AquafilSpA in conjunction with ITOCHU Corporation. The material may be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality.

Econyl® regenerated nylon goods will be offered in three categories to the European market by YKK. Vislon® Natulon®, a recycled zipper created with Econyl®, a totally Econyl® plastic injected zipper; Excella® Natulon®, a top-of-the-range brushed metal zipper; and Recycled sew-on button manufactured with Econyl®, a simple button to sew on nylon clothes.

YKK’s Natulon® recycled zippers collection, which includes zipper tapes manufactured from PET bottles, old fibers, and other polyester leftovers, has been increasing. It just released NATULON PlusTM, which features a chain and slider made entirely of recycled polyester. Furthermore, the company’s revolutionary AcroPlating® technology dramatically decreases metal plating’s environmental effect.