2023 will undoubtedly be the year where we need to gear up to face obstacles head on-Shah Rayeed Chowdhury, Director, Evince Group 

Figure: Mr. Shah Rayeed Chowdhury, Director, Evince Group  

Evince Group is one of the leading and most diversified independent manufacturing conglomerates in the Textile and Apparel Industry of Bangladesh. Advanced production equipment, strict quality control systems, robust sample development capability, and a well-established design and marketing network are the main strengths of Evince Group for its growing reputation in this industry remittance-earning source for Bangladesh. Team Textile Focus talked with  Mr. Shah Rayeed Chowdhury, Director, Evince Group to know about their business in 2022 and furcating for 2023.

Textile Focus: How are you observing 2022 for your business?

Shah Rayeed Chowdhury: When someone asked my father, Mr. Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury Parvez about the condition of our beloved RMG, some time ago; I will never forget his answer. A reporter once asked him about the measures he is taking to secure his RMG operations, now that the industry was undergoing turmoil – his answer was “…ever since I started my business back in 1983, I have been hearing that orders are falling, costs are increasing, the industry is shutting down.” What I learned from this is, every year is a challenging year, every minute is a challenge when you are in the business of creating actual positive change, making a positive impact in the overall economical shift in the country, being part of the industry that is generating the largest contribution to society.

Textile Focus: What is your expectation and planning for 2023?

Shah Rayeed Chowdhury:  The immediate challenges that we can foresee right away are delivery delays in fabric shipment due to an increase in the COVID-19 infection rates across China, slow sales of Christmas and Black Friday which resulted in the stock of products across the customer’s end, and so on. 2023 will undoubtedly be the year where we need to gear up to face obstacles head-on. One approach would be to focus on the steps we had taken back in 2020/2021 when we began to diversify our product lines to ensure that lines were running. Having said that and keeping note of my first answer, Evince being a resilient group with a board that is constantly discussing ways to keep growing, has plans to expand across all concerns in the coming days.