24H01 – The Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 Trend Book, presented at the next Texworld Evolution Paris sourcing event, explores the boundaries of reality

A universe that is both real and virtual, where generations meet. A creative projection that forms the framework of the collections to come. To be discovered from 4 to 6 July 2022.

Based on emerging aesthetic trends and contemporary economic and social signals, the transgenerational journey they propose intertwines the real and the virtual in a unique universe: 24H01, neither tomorrow nor yesterday, like the beginning of a new Big Bang… The new edition of the Trends Forum, which is inspired by this, will be organised around four major generational themes, all of which will be staged using a selection of exhibitors’ fabrics and clothing.

• Meta babes. « They don’t master technology, they are technology. A fusion of the real and the virtual, like a natural cross between two species. […] For them, the future is Meta. Beyond our current reality. » The environment of these Metavers’ contemporaries is also that of childhood, school and play. The contrast of colours, drawn from the world of toys, but also of materials, attests to this: it is the world of nylon, small polyamide knitwear, of chic ribbed jersey, but revisited by digital technology in a luxury sportswear spirit.

• Digital swipers. « Technology and the virtual coat them like an aura. […] A reflex behaviour. Almost like breathing. […] Like a filter between them and reality, […] a balm for the present. ». The « swipe », a digital symbol of a new approach to reality, is also the sign of an adolescence in a hurry to enter the adult world. This runway expresses the gap between style and age, in a flashy but sophisticated way, with amplitude (transparency and lightness). Lycra materials, small fine meshes (fishnet, mesh) and transparent veils are in the spotlight.

• Lost transitioners. « Caught in a vice. Between the overwhelming and ubiquitous boomers and the independent and elusive generation Z. […] A generation of young people who are in the midst of a crisis. […] A generation in transit. […] A bit of nature. A touch of ideology…» This generation is like the times: pragmatic, driven by opposing winds, complex and ambivalent. In search of naturalness, it (re)opens the way to cocooning, softness and tradition with Vichy prints and checks. Materials such as wool, hemp or linen, used in natural tones, give substance to the themes of authenticity and pop culture.

• Silver boomers. « The old world is here. It no longer fits, but it bears the scars of the happiness and carefreeness of that time. […] We are showing off the vestiges of a bygone, but regretted, era. » This is the Totem generation of this new time; outdated but uninhibited, it expresses a style worked to resemble the natural: new fabrics given an air of the past, a crumpled effect awakened by acidulous colours. We oscillate between the natural and the fake, cotton and nylon which are making a comeback, but also “seventies” materials such as corduroy to which we apply a contemporary treatment.

The 24H01 Trendbook can be downloaded here.