Bangladesh government may permit overseas investment proposals

overseas-investmentBangladesh is now a hot spot for industrial development. According to the sources of Global Economist Forum (GEF), the Bangladesh government may permit overseas investment proposals to set up industries by recruiting 50 percent of skilled manpower from Bangladesh and safe return of the investment. Many stakeholders in the field of RMG and pharmaceuticals have the immense potential to invest the overseas investment for contributing more to boost country’s economy

Currently, Ethiopia is permitted for convenient access to USA and EU market as the country is availing ‘zero tariffs’ to enter such potential traditional markets. On the contrary, Bangladesh needs to pay 15 to 16 percent tariff to enter USA market which is hampering the RMG exports.

The government has to allow investment opportunity in apparel, leather, plastic, light engineering, ship building and IT sector to invest the black money under special scrutiny. Currently, USA and China are receiving highest FDI, simultaneously, they are investing huge money in overseas market which is helping to expand their business in the international market.